Belgium, a small country in the centre of Europe, is a place where cycling is not a sport or a pastime, it is a passion and a lifestyle.  If you have ever raced a true Belgian Kermis, dreamt about it, or simply been engulfed by the cobbled Spring Classics, then you will clearly understand the meaning of a “Flandrien”.  In Belgium, a Flandrien is the highest compliment bestowed upon a cyclist who embodies the country’s humble blue collar beginnings. BBC pays homage to these inspirational ‘hard men’ of cycling with a collection of apparel that reflects an artisan approach to craftsmanship.  What you wear on or off the bike should motivate, inspire and truly attest your cycling passion.

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Simply the greatest rider of all time ( no bias on our behalf ). Nicknamed 'The Cannibal' for his insatiable appetite for victories, he won virtually every important race, most multiple times. To us he is the 'GOD' of cycling and we worship ground he has ridden on.


This guy has the flair and good looks of a Hollywood movie star. He is a 'Classics' specialist, give him some cobbles and he will gobble them up. Looking to emulate some of his previous palmarès in 2015. A true modern day Flandrien.
Regarded as a 'Puncheur', he thrives on open terrain riddled with short, but steep ramps. With resistance to cold and an attacking nature, it is no wonder he is likened to a wild boar. A former World Road Champion, he is most comfortable pounding the pavè in Spring.
The Cannibal from Baal eats up everyone in his muddy tracks. Surround this guy with thousands of beer drinking Belgians and a course strewn with seemingly unsurpassable terrain and he is in his element. A World Champion of Cyclocross and revered by his peers.
Johan Vansummeren getting a little push up the Paterberg

To push, or not to push, that is the question.



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We are a small entity with big ambitions, a team of two guys with an enormous passion for cycling.  For us cycling is not a sport or a pastime, it is a way of life.   Our aim is to deliver bespoke cycling apparel that reflects a dedication to Belgian cycling culture.  We are a product of our environment, one rich in characters, classic battles and cobbled mayhem.

Our members are our priority.  We guarantee the craftsmanship of our products and strive to ensure each and everyone one of our followers feels they are a valued member of our Club.


Please contact Stijn Vogels for press releases, product shots, sample requests and Belgian beer advice.

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